Am I Being too Picky?

So as some of you know. I have been searching for a guild these past couple of weeks. I found one, left, another, left, another, left and so on.

Am I being to picky? Do I expect to much?

In some of the guilds i tried, people were plain disrespective so I did not want to deal with that at all and swiftly left. There were other guilds I joined that were nice but thier raid schedules just didnt work, or no one ever showed up. I guess what I’m looking for are nice people and a serious guild. Many have told me that is what they are. A serious guild but it never feels that way. Sometimes I just don’t feel as if I belong. Many people have been telling me to give it time, stay in the guild for a few weeks, but if I do that I’ll become attached to the people and feel even more guilty for leaving. I know what I’m doing is okay, but  cant help but wonder if I’m searching for something I can’t get.

Guess I’ll find my home one day. Gotta keep looking is all. :)

P.S. If you need a Priest give me a shout! Here or on twitter. I can be found there at @FallenEnvyy. Hope to hear from you guys! If you do send me a message please don’t just say, “we need you” I’ll probaly just say no right away. I need details, raid times, people details, the goal of the guild, etc,etc. The more info the better! You can reach me wayyy faster on twitter. I have been turned into a tweetoholic recently.  I remember the day when I raised my middle finger to twitter. Haha.


Dream Mansion

My house is real life is bigger of course.


Hey all! Good news!

The <Phoenix> Guild on Maelstrom did the “For The Horde” achievement tonight. One shotted it too! We had planned it for about a week.  Did it 8pm server time and finished at 10:47pm.  It was awesome, stressful, and fun. Just like any raid. We had a guildy and a warlock stealth into Stormwind and into a house. Yes we are that awesome. We summoned like 40 people into a room. It was crowded and people were all sweaty.  Finally we poured out like ants and brought death upon anyone who stood in our way. The regular shouts of  “THIS IS SPARTA & YOU ARE NOT PREPARED” followed. It was really fun all in all. Great finish to the weekend.

Way to go guys! Big cuddly bears for the win!


Err.. I’m afraid of clicking that..

Hey everyone!
I was in a pug today doing the daily for my 2 Triumph’s,  (I’m not 80 yet, so hush you.) and I came across some people I rather enjoyed playing with. They were both on my server which was really awesome so we quested a little bit together. Somehow we got into an add on discussion and basically they don’t use any at all. I was like, wtf,rumad? lol.

These guys don’t really like playing around with those ‘dangerous’ files as they so call them. They think it’s scary! I don’t get it. Just last night i was playing around with bios start up settings trying to pirate a version of Windows 7. (Shh, Don’t worry I failed.) It’s all so easy to me. It is never scary. No one taught me how or anything, i just kinda learned.. and did it. I kept trying to teach them or figure out some way to convince them to learn how to use addons. They can be fun and be a great addition to your game. Not that not using them is wrong or anything. I think you should at least try them out though. Now that I think about it, my mom said something similar to me the other day while I was on the computer.

“Get off that damn computer and go outside and relax!”

I guess to some the computer can be a little scary. It’s not to me at all. You know what I do when I get home from work? I turn my computer on. Before I even change or get a snack. Being on the internet and talking to all my friends or playing WoW is relaxing for me.  If I was outside or doing something else I’d be itching to be on my computer. Am I addicted to it? Hmm, It’s hard to say. I don’t think I am. Past generations grew up with footballs and soccerballs and they use to go play outside. I grew up with technology. Get what I’m saying kinda? Now I’m not saying that if you are a nerd, (Nerds are cool by the way.)  you should eat all day and play on your computer and never go outside. That is bad kiddies. I’m a lifeguard/Health freeeeeaak so believe me. Taking care of your body is important. It’s your body and it’s the one thing you’ll have till the day you die.

If your scared of your computer, don’t be! It won’t hurt you! (errr unless it explodes.. but what are the odds of that! :3) There are tons of resources online that teach you computer basics. It’s not rocket science and it’s for sure way easier than all that math stuff you attempt to study in school. If you do break your computer some how, it is not the end of the world. You probably have tons of friends that are computer smart and can fix your little..learning experience in no time at all. Honestly that’s what it is. If you make a mistake you learn, and what better way to learn is there? I know I’ve messed up my computer tons and tons of times. My World of Warcraft UI is no exception haha. If worse comes to worse you can take it to a store and spend a little money to get it fixed. That’s no reason to be scared or anything though.

I also think that if you understand your computer a little more you’ll be able to do a lot more with it! It’s like getting a brand new computer! Plus you’ll be relaxed like me! Don’t be afraid to learn. Never say you can’t.

Thanks for reading guys,

I Caught a Big One!

Go for his toes!

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been really quiet and busy the last week with work, but fear not! I am back! .. for today, you know. Life. (On that note, i may not write a blog post everyday but I do use Twitter a lot. Find me there at @FallenEnvyy . In post advertising is so in fashion, all the cool kids are doing it.) I’ve been dead tired coming home, and just been doing whatever I wanted. I didn’t feel like writing a post, and frankly it’s not necessary for me to do so every week. (Not that I mean to say, screw you all, i win or anything.) If I make it a necessity it becomes “work” and not pleasure and I realized how this happened in game too.

So where the hell am I going with this?

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve been missing out on Lich King kills. That King slayer title is popping up more and more and guilds are learning the mechanics and with the 20% buff. It’s just becoming more obtainable. I’ve been saying to myself, “I should be there already.” I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. I once led a guild, in fact we were in the top 10 on our server. When i first put the group together, it was fun. We were in having fun in Ulduar pretty much. The guild existed for a good 3 months and every week we raided twice a week. You know everyone would be in guild chat and say, “Okay guys, after school we down Agalon!” That was awesome, the excitement, the feeling. Was awesome. Sadly it turned out different after a while. I basically had to beg people to come and raid. They would finally come but not after me hearing there annoying garbage to be honest. “Aww, is it raid night today?” , “I’m only doing this cause of you.” To them raiding became a job. At that point you need to step back and find out what’s going wrong.

Your not having fun anymore.

So I decided to vanish and start over. The good thing about WoW for me is the anonymity of the game involved. I was able to step down as guild leader and wish them well. I rerolled multiple times, and I was just another noob walking around in greens and blues. My past was literally erased and I was able to focus on the present and having fun. I’ve rerolled multiple times now and am currently on Envyy (My priest). I’m having a lot of fun now. Leveling, learning about the lore, revisiting old instances. I even made a ton of friends along the way! The best part of it all I think, is that I have no responsibilities. I have the ability to log on right now and truly do what the hell I want. I believe that’s a big misconception amongst most. That us gamers get to go to a world where we can do whatever and while that is true for many, about half the gamers find themselves having responsibilities in game that they must attend to first before they can do what they want. Now I’m not saying that having responsibilities suck. Life comes with them, but because of the internet anonymity, I was able to restart and select my responsibilities as they come and surround myself with people who can also handle having them. This “reset” button can be a double edged sword sometimes though. I believe that what I did was right. I dropped the guild after explaining and handed guild over to the person I trust the most to lead them into success. I know that this doesn’t happen most of the time though. People will decide they had enough and just quit, re roll, stop playing, reset. Like walking away from a job/school. Except in real life there is no reset button. Just because we have that in game does not mean you can go drop people like dirt. Behind the avatar is a real person and everyone should realize that. When the time for me comes to tackle the Lich King I know now that the people I get in my core will need to be dedicated.

Burn out is bound to happen, but that’s when we will rely on our other guild mates to help us out. After all, that’s what a good guild does. After talking to all these people, from different servers, on blog, listening to podcasts, twitter I’ve learned that my game is not everyone else’s game. In fact it changes drastically from person to person. So, some people may agree with me on this rant. That raids can be turned into work if not paced/handled properly. Some will say I’m crazy and a game is a game, but oh well. This is only my opinion. For now, I’ve hit the “poof” button and am living life one level at a time.

See you around,

Pre Cataclysmic Blitz

Hey guys!

Due to something in real life I had assumed I would be going WoW-less for quite some time. I was afraid I would only be back after cataclysm. Everything in regards to this matter has been solved and I’m really happy that I am still able to play wow with all you guys.

From this experience I kind of realized that there are things I want to do and can only do before cataclysm comes out. So I’m making a little post to help reinforce my goals and so that you guys yell and scream at me if I start to give up. :3

1. I want loremaster

I have always been impressed by that title. It’s such an acheivement. Every single quest in the game. It makes you seem pro. Apparently this will be gone in cataclysm so I’m making it my highest priority. I shall be getting it on my priest because priest + loremaster is smex.

2. Kill that frozen dude

I want the lich king dead. I know i have the skill so I just need to put in the time and dedication. Again this will most likely happen on my priest because getting my level 30 shaman geared and leveled is very unlikely before cataclysm.

Out of these two goals, number one takes priority. I don’t know exactly how long loremaster will take but I know I may not have enough time to finish off lich king. If that’s the case then that sucks, but he’ll always be in game and I can go whoop his butt later. Loremaster on the other hand will be gone, and It will be rare. I want it. Badly. :p

For loremaster I’ll probably be using a few addons and just start in Kalimdor. I’ve heard it was the hardest so I’ll get that out of the way first while I have an abnormal amount of focus.

But yea, I can wait to get started on it. Priest is 76. Few more days and the loremaster mission begins.

P.s. Woot! For first successful iPod post. :3