Am I Being too Picky?

So as some of you know. I have been searching for a guild these past couple of weeks. I found one, left, another, left, another, left and so on.

Am I being to picky? Do I expect to much?

In some of the guilds i tried, people were plain disrespective so I did not want to deal with that at all and swiftly left. There were other guilds I joined that were nice but thier raid schedules just didnt work, or no one ever showed up. I guess what I’m looking for are nice people and a serious guild. Many have told me that is what they are. A serious guild but it never feels that way. Sometimes I just don’t feel as if I belong. Many people have been telling me to give it time, stay in the guild for a few weeks, but if I do that I’ll become attached to the people and feel even more guilty for leaving. I know what I’m doing is okay, but  cant help but wonder if I’m searching for something I can’t get.

Guess I’ll find my home one day. Gotta keep looking is all. :)

P.S. If you need a Priest give me a shout! Here or on twitter. I can be found there at @FallenEnvyy. Hope to hear from you guys! If you do send me a message please don’t just say, “we need you” I’ll probaly just say no right away. I need details, raid times, people details, the goal of the guild, etc,etc. The more info the better! You can reach me wayyy faster on twitter. I have been turned into a tweetoholic recently.  I remember the day when I raised my middle finger to twitter. Haha.


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One Response to Am I Being too Picky?

  1. candyce says:

    I wouldnt say you are to picky, because I feel the same. Finding a new guild after leaving one where u stayed long time is hard. because it’s not like you only raid there. u have to match to the people. so take ur time finding a new one :)

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